Song in the Sky is an anime-inspired web series about loss, trauma, and ultimate, painful recovery, framed against a fantastical backdrop of dogfights, monster battles, and existential mystery. It’s Avatar: the Last Airbender by way of Evangelion, set in a world where the ground is lost to legend, and the last floating city fights for survival against the Lovecraftian abyss beneath the clouds.

ANGELA is our POV character, and her city’s top fighter pilot. As the series opens, she’s still reeling from the death of her lover HELEN at the hands of one of the monstrous OLD GODS. Worse still, the mysterious crystal that’s kept the city aloft for centuries is entering the final stages of decay. In less than a month, the last bastion of life will fall out of the sky.


With her brilliant tactical mind and loyal robot wingman ANDY, Angela may be humanity’s last hope of staying afloat. But as the abyss looms and vengeful NEW MONSTERS rise to face her, Angela will have to confront troubling secrets, both in the world below, and deep within herself.

The pilot was written and animated by Sam Frederich,  and a second episode is currently in production!